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Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship provides children with the basic needs and change the life of a child. 

Child sponsorship is a commitment of love over the long-term, it provides needy children with the building blocks for a hopeful future. Sponsorship ensures children are in school and have their health needs covered. These children also attend Sunday Schools and are instructed in the way of life. When a needy family is identified by the local ecclesia, Agape in Action ensures the family meets the sponsorship criteria and then looks to identify sponsors for the family. 

Once sponsored, Agape in Action will partner with the family over the long-term to ensure that each child graduates from high school or obtains a trade education. This long-term investment in a child pays off many times over as those helped, in turn, help others in need. There is nothing more encouraging than seeing those sponsored committing their lives to our Lord and giving back through faithful service in their ecclesias and communities. Child sponsorship is an investment that reaches far beyond just one child. 




  • Food

  • Medical Check-ups

  • Dental Check-Ups

  • Personal Hygiene Kits 

  • Mosquito Nets

  • Vitamins

  • Blankets 

  • Access to Clean Water


  • School Fees

  • School Bag

  • School Books

  • School Uniform

  • Socks and Shoes

  • Stationery

  • Bible

  • Sunday School materials

You can help by sponsoring a child for $40/mth. You can let Agape in Action identify the child on a priority basis or you may choose the gender, age-range and country of your sponsored child. 

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