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Through the CORE fund (a special fund supported by Christadelphian businesses owners), Agape in Action runs business that (i) provide a community benefit, (ii) employ brothers and sisters and (iii) generate an income for Agape in Action, the profits of which are used to support other projects on the ground. 


The Agape in Action farms continue to grow! There are two stand-outs, the Mutongoi farm in Kenya and the Edith Home of Hope farm in India. In Kenya, our local farmer has taken what was a very average farm and turned it into an incredible production farm. It’s very exciting to see a dry and desolate place producing an abundance of food. 

In India, the farm is located at the Edith Home and is managed by the old people at the home. This farm is also quite remarkable. It’s very productive and provides a diverse range of fruit and vegetables as well as fresh milk from the small dairy. It also provides meaningful activity for the residents of the home and give them a real sense of purpose. 


The Agape Media Company was founded in 2016. This very successful business that is run by a young brother from Nakuru, Kenya. He has won several awards for his video productions and currently has more work than he can keep up with. He films music videos, weddings and television shows, and he also gives back by taking photos and creating videos for Agape in Action. He is mentoring another young person in our sponsorship program and teaching him the skills of video production. 

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