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Showing God’s love and sharing the gospel is central to everything we do. We work closely with various CBMs and local ecclesias to make sure we have the greatest impact possible. 

Here are some of the ways in which Agape in Action provides for spiritual needs: 

  • Providing Bible lessons and first principle classes through our schools

  • Providing spiritual encouragement through the Widows’ Program

  • Distributing Bibles and instructional materials

  • Running youth camps

  • Running the Leadership in Faith based Endeavours (LIFE) program

  • Supporting ecclesial outreach activities

  • Emphasizing Godly practices through our Small Business Training Program

  • Promoting daily Bible readings for children 

  • Facilitating the adoption of orphaned children into Christadelphian homes

  • Reaching new Sunday School students through the Nutrition Drink Program 

  • Encouraging sponsored children and families through letter writing

  • Providing funding for young people to attend Youth Conferences 

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