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Agape in Action cares for orphaned and needy children in homes and shelters. These homes are places of joy and provide love and purpose as well as the basic necessities of life.

Key Agape in Action Homes and Shelters include: 


Located in Western Kenya, this shelter provides a safe and secure home for around 50 teenagers. Kimbilio means ‘refuge’. The young people here have grown up and a lot of them are now pursuing trades/college, are working or are in high school.


Lela is a place of true happiness. There are 70 orphaned or unwanted children in Lela. This home was voted the best run home in the county by the local government. Lela means ‘caring’. Lela is a joint project between Agape in Action and Christadelphian Meal-A-Day UK


Located in coastal Kenya, this home cares for about 50 children and young people. The home has a farm that provides food for the children and includes goats, cows, chickens, pigs, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, a banana plantation, and much more.  “Mutongoi” means ‘leader’ and is used of Moses as the spiritual leader of Israel in the Kamba Bible.


Faith Home in India has 25 delightful children. They are solidly grounded in the Bible and actively serve the needy in their community.  This extra-large family has become an important part of the Kadiam ecclesia which is right across the road from the home.


Located in South India, this home accommodates around 17 elderly people and 13 children.  These are orphans, unwanted, abused or in desperate situations without help.  At Edith home, they find peace, love, and have their basic needs taken care of.  There is also a great farm on site which provides some of the food used at Edith Home.


This Christadelphian Children's home in India cares for 30 children who have been orphaned or are unwanted. Aadarana means ‘to welcome and support’. This home is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad. 


Amani is an old people’s home in Kenya. Amani is a Swahili word that means peace, and this project is reaching out to some very needy elderly sisters who have no family to care for them. They all have chronic health conditions or disabilities. The home ensures the necessary medical care and support is provided. They share the fellowship of the Mwandeo ecclesia and enjoy the company of the children who live next door at the Agape in Action children's home, Mutongoi. Amani is a sanctuary providing love, peace and spiritual care. 


This home is a shelter for more than 50 young people who are orphans, unwanted or living in abject poverty.  They have found help at Matumaini where they learn about a spiritual hope for the future, and where most are in high school or college thanks to sponsorship.  It is a very dry area where sometimes it does not rain for more than an entire year. This home is run by Bro Lazarus and Sis Evelyn and is located in Yatta, a town on the outskirts of Nairobi.


The Matendo children’s home is locate in the ‘Eastern Inland’ region of Kenya; a dry and desolate place with severe poverty. The 30 children at this home have a wonderful Bible knowledge and are being cared for and trained by Bro. Moses. 


This home/school is in Uganda and run by Bro. Fred and his family.  Supporting 47 orphaned or abandoned children they do their best to provide some food and school for these children and teach them about a hope for the future.


This home, Elvira, which means ‘Truth’, was started by Bro. Anand & Sis. Padma. It is located in the mountains in Andra Pradesh, India. The area is very poor and underdeveloped. There are more than 20 children at the home who have been taken in and provided with basics such as food and schooling and a hope for the future.  

The children at Elvira Home come from surrounding mountainous tribal areas. These areas are very rural and lack all basic services. There are no schools and no health clinics. The villagers are uneducated and illiterate and often refuse medication for common diseases such as malaria and typhoid. Consequently, morbidity and mortality due to infectious disease is extremely high. All of the children in Alvira home have lost one or both parents. The children are cared for by Anand and Padma in a small village on the outskirts of Palakonda. They attend the government school in the village. Agape in Action started providing support in 2017 to assist Anand who was struggling to provide support on his wage. He is an auto driver and a journalist. The home/hostel is registered with the government, and to comply with new government regulations, Agape in Action is building a new facility to support the accommodation of the children. It is a very special place and a privilege to visit.

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