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Agape in Action runs nursery and primary schools and supports secondary and tertiary training for young people and adults. Education and training are critical to achieving sustainable results; they are the surest ways to lift and keep individuals and families out of extreme poverty.


Key Education and Training programs include: 


This vibrant and energetic nursery school in Uganda is located in the highlands of Mt. Elgon. The school trains and employs Christadelphian teachers and caters to needy Christadelphian children and those from the surrounding community. 


This ‘rescue’ school provides an education for Christadelphian children and those from the community who would not otherwise be in school due to poverty. Remarkably, the performance of this school is outstanding, ranking as one of the best in the district. 


This primary school is located in a very poor and remote area of Kenya. Due to high levels of malnutrition, the nutrition drink is provided at this school. 


Located in coastal Kenya, Mgome is a very poor, hot and dry place that is home to a small ecclesia. In the culture of this area, education is not seen as important. However, this school is slowly changing the community’s perspective. 


In 2016, AinA started supporting a nursery school in Tanzania run by Bro. Peter.  The school caters to needy Christadelphian children and others from the surrounding community. There is much work to be done here.


High on a mountain ridge, on one of the most southern islands of Vanautu, perches the Kapalpal Christadelphian School.

Completed in December 2008, the school is located in a remote area along the central spine of the island of Tanna. It sits in a high, clear area with lush, dense jungle covering the slopes that fall away from it.  To reach the closest town, locals must walk for about 20 minutes to the nearest road where they can hail a truck to take them 15kms to the markets.

10kms away from the school is an active volcano, Mt Yasur, which is erupting continuously. Those living in the vicinity of the volcano are subjected to the falling ash and acid rain – some days being worse than others. On bad days the rain turns anything outside black and the wind blows ash into your eyes making them sting.

The school is attended by over 300 children and teachers from kindergarten to year 10. It provides a haven where the children can receive physical and spiritual care. All the students come from small villages in the surrounding mountain ridges, with some of the youngest walking for hours every day just to attend class.

Every morning, classes being with a devotion, songs of praise and prayer to our Heavenly Father.  A beautiful culture of thankfulness permeates the school.

The school is built on land belonging to Brother Jack. He was the first person living on Tanna to be baptised a Christadelphian. Jack and his family are very involved in the running of the school. Bible classes are taught to students each day and the ecclesia run the school well.

The school was founded by the Bethezer fund and full responsibility was assumed by AinA in 2020.



In the most remote area Agape in Action works you will find a mud and sticks structure with a tin roof.  Here a new ecclesia meets and from here, a small school is run for the children from this ecclesia and the surrounding village. The school aims to provide the very basics for these children.

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