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Organise an Agape in Action Fundraiser

People just like you have already raised thousands of dollars for those in need. One hundred percent of your money goes directly to the field. When we say 100%, we really do mean 100%; even the bank's fee for transferring your donation is covered by our CORE fund.


If you run a fundraiser, you choose where your money goes and we’ll provide you feedback to show you exactly what impact you made. 


There are two main options you can select when deciding what you would like to fundraise for.

1.    Project Sponsorship 

We have 40 different projects running in several countries. You can find more information about our current projects on our projects page. Have a look at the different things we’re doing and decide which one you’d like to support. Children’s Homes, Old People’s Homes, Nursery/Primary schools, Trade/College Education, Farming projects, Water projects, Widow’s programs, Nutrition Drink Programs, Sanitation, Medical fund and more. Pick a project you, your family or your ecclesia are passionate about. If you’re unsure, just ask us what our priority needs are and we’ll give you some options to choose from (email 

2.   General Donation 

This type of fundraising allows us to support projects which are not getting enough ongoing support to keep running. We have several homes and schools that would fall into this category. Kids need to be fed, clothed, get medical help and go to school. In addition, lots of unexpected things can pop up in life, and often they need to be paid for! It’s the same in the mission fields. We have a general donation fund that allows us to look after those unexpected things and support projects when they are not getting enough sponsors. By selecting a general donation, we will put your money towards the greatest priority at that time…and we’ll let you know where your money went. 

Both options help our cause. The choice is yours!

Every life matters, every dollar counts. The collective actions of many, allow Agape in Action to make a substantial impact. It’s people like you who inspire others to give that allows us to do what we do. No matter how much you raise for Agape in Action, every dollar counts.  A small amount can have a big impact. Just think, a five-dollar mosquito net can save a life! 

Your fundraising efforts also provide an opportunity to inform others about the work of Agape in Action. 

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