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This program helps farmers and small business owners grow and improve their businesses so they can lift themselves out of poverty and help others in their community. Agape in Action provides business training and microloans to brothers and sisters. 


The Business Training program is specifically for brothers and sisters living in poverty and was developed using scriptural principles as its basis. Over the years, Agape in Action has developed and refined a microfinance program to support farmers and small business owners. Brothers and sisters work together to ensure the success of all involved. Each recipient of a microloan is required to start a savings plan. When loans are paid back, the money is reinvested in another group of brothers and sisters, and so the cycle continues.


Some of the recipients of microloans are brothers and sisters living in refugee camps in Mozambique and northern Kenya. In these cases, the microloans support a group of brothers and sisters who are working together on a single business venture. Given the very challenging conditions faced by our brothers and sisters living in these refugee camps, the microloans are often accompanied by small grants to help scale up their businesses so they can provide an adequate income for everyone involved.  

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