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Child Sponsorship Video

Michael's Well Water Project

Agape in Action Review

Snapshot of Agape in Action

Matumaini Video

Yatta Matumaini Children’s Home

This home is run by Bro Lazarus and Sis Evelyn and is located in Yatta, a town on the outskirts of Nairobi. There are more than 30 young people living here.  In 2016, support was given to build a new toilet block. Funds were also provided for food and hygiene items.

Mgome Nursery School

Located in coastal Kenya, Mgome is a very poor, hot and dry place that is home to a small ecclesia. In the culture of this area, education is not seen as important. However, this school is slowly changing the community’s perspective.

Good Samaritan Playground Joy!

The students at the Good Samaritan Academy enjoy their first day of the new playground.

Helen Muvea - Widow’s Program

Sister Helen came out of her mud hut to greet us, she was old and walked with a cane. I noticed on closer observation that one of her feet was bandaged, covering what looked like an infected wound. As it turns out, this was one of the many challenges faced by this poor old sister. Agape in Action was planning to expand the Widows Program to this coastal area of Kenya and the purpose of our visit was to capture the story of a 'typical' widow who would benefit from the Widows Program. We set up the video camera and asked Sister Helen to tell her story. Afterwards we spent some time in her home, and then left. Late that night when we were translating her interview, we came to realise how desperately in need she really was.

Agape in Action Presentation (overview)

AinA is a vibrant organization dedicated to providing spiritual and physical care to Christadelphian brothers and sisters living in extreme poverty. 


This 30-minute update includes a general introduction to Agape in Action, project updates from around the world, powerful stories from real people whose lives have been touched, and how you can get involved.

Widows Program

Video outlining the Agape in Action widows program in Kenya

Uganda Nursery & Primary School

Video on the Agape in Action nursery and primary school in Uganda

Kenyan Primary Schools

An Agape in Action film highlighting two primary schools in Kenya. A visit to a local family highlights the value and importance of education.

Agape in Action - Kimbilio

Kimbilio is Swahili for "Refuge". Kimbilio is the name of an Agape in Action home for young people in Kenya.

India Faith Home

Video on Agape in Action's India Faith Home


Atashinda is a Swahili word meaning ‘he/she will succeed, he/she will overcome’. This education fund has been created to support sponsored children and their siblings pursue a high school education or a trade. Atashinda is a central part of Agape in Action’s mission to improve life, provide opportunity and instill hope amongst the neediest of our family around the world. These young people are eager to learn and be in a position where they can support not only themselves, but also others in need around them. Agape in Action is committed to seeing these children complete their education. Without a high school education or trade, these children will find it extremely difficult to support themselves. Their options will be limited and they may very well find themselves in the same tragic situation from which they were rescued. 

Edith Home of Hope - India

Located in southern India, this home accommodates around 17 elderly people and 13 children. The combination of young and old is perfect. The home runs a farm that grows the majority of the food needed by the children and old people. 

Agape in Action’s Nutrition Drink Program

This short video provides an update on Agape in Action's nutrition drink program running in Kenya

Agape in Action - "He knows my Name"

Agape in Action's CORE Fund"

The concept of the Core Campaign is simple. We are asking that willing businesses financially contribute to a ‘Core Fund’ that will be used to strengthen the operations and administration of Agape in Action. Businesses partners typically contribution between $500 and $20,000 per year, depending on their size and financial capacity. Can you help?

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